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Create The Life You Really Want

Choose your Self.
Get clear on what you truly want and shift into your highest timeline. Break beyond old patterns and conditioning, create a passionate an joyful life.

Your Hero’s Journey

  • Get clarity on what you want with all your heart and soul.
  • Create new behavior and welcome new ideas about your self.
  • Become the sovereign creator of your best life experience.

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How It Works

Together, we bring you back to using all of your sacred creative power, intuition and higher guidance. For you to apply in your life and fully embody the experience you desire. With clarity, confidence and trust.

Creative Practice

Faced with real world challenges, we unearth old patterns for you to let go of. 
Face your limiting beliefs in a safe space and create clear, strong and original life decisions.

Emotional Mastery

Steer clear of emotional blocks and learn to create your best reality from the inside out. Reclaim your personal authority, activate your manifesting powers and show up stronger, more joyful and far more satisfied than you ever thought.


I’ve been writing again.
After 37 years!

Margarita Reyes

Tim created a safe space for me to share. We dove into deep trauma I didn’t realize was affecting me as an adult. With his guidance I’ve cleared a creative block I had from childhood. I’ve been writing again. After 37 years! Thank you Tim for this amazing and powerful experience. I’m so grateful for you.

Tim really invested the gentle and compassionate attention required.

Nicole Bourgeois

I am blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Tim. Right from the start of our session, I knew that I was in safe hands. My experience was very profound, exploring the roots of some key ancestral themes. It can be daunting to find someone you trust to take you on a journey. Tim really took everything in and invested the gentle and compassionate attention required, allowing me to feel comfortable in surrendering fully to the process. He is an authentic and deeply intuitive individual.

I walked out with more light, more colors, more music, more of myself.

Jon Mattingly

I really want to express my appreciation for 
Tim Heiler and his work with me. Our session was a remarkable healing for me, one that was far deeper and more profound than anything I expected. I reclaimed parts of my Light I did not know I’d lost. I walked out with more light, more colors, more music, more of myself. I’m lighter, easier, unburdened, and more open than I’ve felt in ages. And that bright and shining boy is back as well, in full living color. Thanks Tim for your excellent facilitation. Blessings to you. You are a gift, and I’m most grateful.

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